Manitoba Hal is coming to do a workshop with y’all on Monday, May 5 at our HUG get together. Admission for this one is $10, and worth every penny. Check him out here: http://www.manitobahal.com

HUG Gathering Dates

Here are the next dates for HUG (barring any unforseen circumstances):
  • Monday, February 3
  • Monday, March 3
  • Monday, April 7
  • Monday, May 5
  • Monday, June 2
  • Monday, July 7
  • Monday, August 11 (this is the 2nd Monday of the month – date moved due to the 1st Monday being Natal Day)
  • Monday, September 8 (this is the 2nd Monday of the month – date moved due to the 1st Monday being Labour Day)
We meet from 7-9 pm at Celtic Corner

See you all on Monday, December 2 at Celtic Corner.

So far the best Christmas Songbook I have found is one produced a few years ago by the Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA). As far as a single packaged Christmas collection goes, it has a good number of familiar tunes. Here is the link:

By the way, be sure to look at many of the Christmas songs. Even the common Christmas standards feature a host of unfamiliar chords, insanely quick chord changes or a minimum of 6-12 chords per song. Bring on the eggnog.

HUG 2.1 this Monday Nov. 18

Rev. Hank  will be leading a UKE workshop at the monthly meeting of “H.U.G. 2.1″ on Monday Nov. 18 7-9 p.m. at the Universalist Unitarian Chruch, 5500 Inglis Street. This will be an opportunity to stretch the envelope of your strumming and picking skills, while having a great H.U.G. time. Admission is $10 at the door.

Contact Norm Horofker nhorofker@aol for details or just show up.

Slide Uke Music

After a bit of a break, Twang of the Month is back for October with Rev Hank’s Fermat’s Last Harem.  Slide Uke/Ambient Fun

Enjoy: http://reverbranch.wordpress.com/twang-of-the-month/


Hi folks!

Our next gathering is scheduled for Monday, August 12 (not Natal Day Monday, August 5)

Celtic Corner 7-9pm

See you there

Night of the Uke V



night of the uke poster3

HUG, Monday Apr 8

Hey ALL,

We’ll be rockin’ the uke at the Celtic Corner tomorrow from 7-9PM.  As always, everyone is welcomed to attend with or without a uke.

Here’s a new piece to bring to HUG.  Something from this Century!

Ho Hey

Rev Hank Uke Trio show

Hey All,

The Rev Hank Trio will be playing Sat, Mar. 23 at the Trellis Cafe in Hubbards, NS from 7:70-9:30PM.  This is a great little restaurant with a cool vibe, and the show is FREE.  Here’s a bit about the trio:

And now for something completely different! You’ve never heard the ukelele played to such swinging effect.  
The Rev Hank Trio transports the diminutive ukelele from its home waters of Tahiti to the speak-easies of Storyville, Harlem and South Chicago, turning the once again popular ukulele into a 4-string swing machine.
The Rev Hank Trio features Andrew Beazley on Ukulele Bass,  Frank den Haan on suitcase, and ukelele master Mike Diabo on lead “Uke”.  The band’s repertoire includes standards & not so standards from Jerome Kearns & Duke Ellington to Thelonius Monk & Ornette Coleman. 

Drop by here for details:   http://www.trelliscafe.com

HUG Postponed

Due to today’s weather, HUG is postponed until Feb 11 at the Celtic Corner.  See ya’ll then.




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