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Hi folks…HUG Songbook Title Graphic

I have just completed another edit of Volume 2 of the HUG Songbook and have added another 30 songs or so. I was able to include many that Gang members had posted in the Facebook file sharing space.

I anticipate having to do at least one more edit after we play-test many of these songs at the February 9 gathering at Celtic Corner. Please download this new book and lets see how many of these new songs we can test out!

Here is the link to the newest draft version:

The Official HUG Songbook – Volume 2 – DRAFT – Feb 5 2015

Please let me know if you spot any major errors or oversights.

Thanks again,


PS… Here is my current Microsoft Word document for those of you who like to play with the formatting yourself (or for other Ukulele Clubs who want to customize it). Please take a look at page 2 of the document, as I included info on how the book was formatted. Here is the MS Word versionThe Official HUG Songbook – Volume 2 – DRAFT

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