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Elliott Brood is a band from somewhere in Ontario that plays great “death country” (or folk rock) music on traditional instruments (eg. banjo, guitar, and simple drum kit). Some (or a lot) of their tunes feature ukuleles. Their videos have been featured on UkuleleHunt.com a number of times. On Nov. 13 they are scheduled to play at the Paragon (Gottingen St.?). If I lived in the city I’d definitely take in this show. Search Youtube for their tune called “Valley Town” for a taste of their uke-tinged tunes (Q TV channel = Jian Gomeshi = features this song). Otherwise check out their web sites to decide for yourself: http://www.elliottbrood.ca and http://www.myspace.com/elliottbrood

Their latest album was nominated for this year’s Polaris Music Prize if that means anything.


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