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HUG Xmas get together

Next meeting is Mon, Dec 1, 7pm at the Celtic Corner.

You can get the Xmas strum-a-long book we’ll be playing from here:


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New Songs

Our Vancouver ex-pat just uploaded a tonne of uke tunes to the facebook site.
You can download then here:


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HUG Shirts

Hey All,

I’m gonna put in the order for T-Shirts this week. 14 Men’s shirts & 13 Women’s shirts (sorry, no V-Neck). These are for the people who paid at last month’s HUG.

For those who would like to get in on this order, you can Paypal $20.00 to: surfkings@hotmail.com Remember to include you t-shirt size in the message.

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We will be ordering HUG T-shirts soon!  The cost is $20 per shirt (cash only).  Bring your money and size to May’s HUG get together.


HUG T-shirt

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May HUG workshop

Manitoba Hal is coming to HUG for a workshop/performance on Monday, May 5 (7-9pm at the Celtic Corner). Admission for this great opportunity is $10 cash. Get ready to learn some great uke!

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Manitoba Hal is coming to do a workshop with y’all on Monday, May 5 at our HUG get together. Admission for this one is $10, and worth every penny. Check him out here: http://www.manitobahal.com

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See you all on Monday, December 2 at Celtic Corner.

So far the best Christmas Songbook I have found is one produced a few years ago by the Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA). As far as a single packaged Christmas collection goes, it has a good number of familiar tunes. Here is the link:

By the way, be sure to look at many of the Christmas songs. Even the common Christmas standards feature a host of unfamiliar chords, insanely quick chord changes or a minimum of 6-12 chords per song. Bring on the eggnog.

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Rev. Hank  will be leading a UKE workshop at the monthly meeting of “H.U.G. 2.1″ on Monday Nov. 18 7-9 p.m. at the Universalist Unitarian Chruch, 5500 Inglis Street. This will be an opportunity to stretch the envelope of your strumming and picking skills, while having a great H.U.G. time. Admission is $10 at the door.

Contact Norm Horofker nhorofker@aol for details or just show up.

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Slide Uke Music

After a bit of a break, Twang of the Month is back for October with Rev Hank’s Fermat’s Last Harem.  Slide Uke/Ambient Fun

Enjoy: http://reverbranch.wordpress.com/twang-of-the-month/


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Hi folks!

Our next gathering is scheduled for Monday, August 12 (not Natal Day Monday, August 5)

Celtic Corner 7-9pm

See you there

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